Tuesday, July 9, 2013

God's Waiting Children

God's Waiting Children is looking for sponsors and hosts for two boys from Ukraine - Max and Valeriy.  How to help right? Well if you have been following our blog at all you know the drill.  If you have space, funds, or time you might have what's called for.  See the details in including the faces here.

Age 14

Clever future scientist! Although he wants an own restaurant and to become a chef, we all think he has even higher potential - may be a futuristic restaurant based on chemical reactions! Inquisitive, polite, educated! He is hoping his dream of coming to the USA this summer will come true. He is truly a GREAT boy and would be fun to have come visit over the summer.

Age 13

Valeriy is a very clever and inquisitive boy! He continued to ask questions! Especially why we are taking pictures and writing all these things down.... He said he wants to help in a house - he said he likes countryside - he said I can do it all, apart from milking a cow - but if they will show me - I will do it! He wants to visit Disneyland and the beach. And he wants to learn how to ride a scooter. As a present, he said that he would have liked - PARENTS! He likes to read books and watch cartoons and to play with friends - inside, outside doesn't matter. very cheerful, friendly, open, positive kiddo! He will truly bless his host family.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Late to the party - no problem

So you're getting to our blog today hoping you can drop some money to help out only to find that we've been there and done that.  We're all home and doing great and well now what?

Truax Adoption Adventure

It's never to late!  The Truax family leaves in a week - go check out their blog for details because what else is there to do with all that Xmas gift money taking up space in your closet?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

That's Mr. Olajuwon to you

Our youngest Charolette (just two) calls her big brother Maksym - Hakeem.

So it turns out that with five kids one is always awake.  Saddly the blog suffers for it.  (tear).

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

When a needy person stands at your door, God stands at His side

Becky's sister, Dana again. The quote above is a Hebrew proverb and the truth of it is magnified through the Ukrainian orphans who are in the US visiting and looking for their families. The group of orphans that were here last year are just now coming back to the US with their forever families. I am amazed at how each child has ended up with the family that was right for them, and each family has ended up with the child that was right for them.

So many of these adoptive families (including Becky and Kevin) said they were only hosting, there was no way they could adopt. There wasn't enough room, money, time etc. But they knew their kids when they saw them in this group of orphans. I hope that everyone reading this will take the time to come to one activity with this new group of kids and just open their hearts to the possibility that their child might be there.

On to my favorite quotes from R and S, the two orphans who are staying at my home and are looking for families:

I took the boys to the grocery store to buy food for their lunches and told them they could buy whatever they wanted. Every time we put something in the cart R (who speaks English) would say, "Dana, this is so much. This is so much to eat for lunch." I kept telling him we could use the food for multiple lunches but I think he was afraid I expected them to down it all in one night.

I asked the boys if they wanted to buy anything for someone back in Ukraine, R said he wanted to get something for his girlfriend and S got a huge smile on his face and yelled out, "Babushka!" He wanted to buy something for his grandma! Who can resist a 14 year old who wants to buy a present for his grandma?!?

My 14 year old was super impressed with the way S downed Tabasco sauce so he sent me out to buy "Insanity Sauce", which is made with super hot ghost peppers. My son Carter and a couple of his friends tried a drop on their finger and their eyes almost popped out of their heads. R tried a drop and had the same reaction. S tried a drop and then spread it over his chicken! His eyes were watering and he downed three glasses of water but he was bound and determined to eat that sauce.

R was eating a candy and he said to me, "In Ukraine they say the woman loves chocolate. In America does the woman loves chocolate?" My 9 year old yelled out, "Yea, that's why in all the movies the lady gets a big heart filled with chocolate. If you don't give her that she won't love you."

Yesterday (the 24th) R said to me, "Today is the day the man with the long beard walked far. He had a golden (makes a motion of hammering something into the ground) - that happened in Utah." Well, he may have had Brigham Young hammering in the Golden Spike but I still think he had Utah history down better than most Americans!

I asked both boys if they had ever had Pop Rock candy. R said no and S (with his very limited English) pointed to his mouth and said, "Yes, fireworks." Great description!

These are GREAT boys and would be a great addition to the right family. There are 12 other children in this group looking for their families - boys and girls of all ages. Thanks for all the love and support (and donations) for Becky and Kevin, now that Sergei and Max are here I can barely remember our family without them! We hope we can bring the same joy to another family.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Just Call Him Dimples

As you can read in the post below we are currently hosting two boys from different orphanages in the Ukraine. R and S. We actually had the chance to have S stay with us for a few days when he was here last year. He spent most of his time with a family who wanted to adopt him but was ultimately unable to complete the adoption process, leaving him as the only kid from last year's group who did not get adopted.

We adore S and have been writing him throughout the year so we were thrilled when we found out we got to have him in our home again. S is 14 and will turn 15 in April. He is a sweet, funny boy and is willing to go along with anything we plan. He is darling and has deep dimples. He loves the outdoors and anything in the mountains.

He gets along great with our teenage sons and all their friends and is also really good with our two younger kids. He would fit easily into almost any family configuration I can think of. He wants to please and is always helpful  . . . we will miss him TONS when he finds his family.

If you want to meet S or any of the kids who are here you can attend any of the activities that are planned for them or host them in your home. Contact Rob Jolley at 801-259-7034.

Meet our Future Attorney - R

Becky's sister, Dana here! My family is currently hosting two boys, R and S, from the Ukraine. The boys came over with the same group that brought over Becky's boys last summer, and like Becky's boys these boys are looking for their family.

Let me introduce you to R. R and S are from different orphanages and didn't know each other when they got here. R speaks English - well. He taught himself after visiting the US several years ago. Because R has the advantage of speaking English he is able to translate for S. R takes this responsibility seriously and has gone out of his way to make sure that S understands everything that is going on.

R is 15 and is big for his age (though not as big as my 15 year old). He is great shape and seems to be a natural athlete. He is motivated, as evidenced by his ability to teach himself English. He has big plans for the future - he wants to go to college and law school and he is willing to do the hard work to get there.

In addition to being a great translator for S, R has been amazing with our younger kids. I expected he would get along well with our 17 and 15 year old and he does, but he is also darling with our 11 year old daughter and 9 year old son. He is especially cute with our son. He plays with him, encourages him and even prods him to make better decisions and listen to his parents.

R would be an amazing addition to any family, though I would love to see him in a family with some little kids. I am certain he is a success story just waiting to happen.

If you are interested in meeting R you can attend any of the events the kids will be at over the next three weeks to meet him. You can also host him in your home. The family that adopts this boy will be a very lucky family! Contact Rob Jolley at 801-259-7034 for more information on any of the kids.